Folding Picnic Wine Table

It all started two years ago…when we started going out with our friends more to farmer’s markets, the beach, movie nights at wineries, and of course picnics in the parks. We found ourselves laying down our blanket, emptying out our picnic basket, and sitting down to enjoy time with friends only to find our glasses always getting knocked over and our drinks spilling all over the blanket. We set our drinks on the basket, but that wasn’t steady. We got a table, but it was too tall and not easy to travel with. All of these frustrations led us to create our own. A table that fits four glasses, one wine bottle, and ample room to set other bottles down on or snacks to share. The legs fold down for easy transport and the hole for the bottle becomes your handle to carry it. We hope you enjoy our little table and get as much use out of it as we do.