We love making a variety of hand crafted tables using different techniques and mostly reclaimed wood. Our hope is that our tables will bring people together to enjoy the company of others while creating memories to last a lifetime.

Featured Tables:

Live Edge Redwood Coffee Table

This stunning coffee table was hand crafted in Sonoma County using locally sourced wood to create something that is truly one of a kind. The wood grain on this Redwood slab is just as spectacular with its waves and swirls in person as it is in this photo. The slab is filled with black metallic eposy resin that provides the perfect contrast to the Redwood. The legs consist of two 16” squares made of cold rolled iron that make for a very sturdy table. Add this as a statement piece to your living room.

Tree Cookie Resin Table

This is what we like to call a “tree cookie” that came from a downed pine tree on our uncle’s property. Junior cut the cookie slab himself then spent countless hours pouring epoxy resin to achieve this fossilized look. We’ve added four black hairpin legs made of heavy duty steel to support the table top. This is truly a work of art and would make a beautiful statement in any living room.

River Coffee Table

This is an infamous “river table” made out of epoxy resin. We made this custom table out of the sycamore trees from our very own backyard. Junior chopped them down himself, dried them out, planed them, and created these small coffee tables. The river has these beautiful cracking details in them and beautiful mica swirled in to give it a hint of color. The tops were then finished with a thin layer of epoxy to seal in the wood and give it a beautiful sheen.

Redwood Epoxy Table

Is there anything more beautiful than the grain of a Redwood? We sourced this locally and really wanted to honor the beauty that was already there. There was a lot of dry rot so we dug that out of the middle and sides and left what we could. We swirled in burgundy tinted epoxy in the empty spaces and found that it complimented the color in the redwood beautifully. We have this table on hairpin legs pictured here as a coffee table, but we could adjust the legs to make a small dining table as well.