Oh, Baby!

Over the years we’ve had more and more friends having babies. We noticed all the toys in the stores were made of plastic and usually just didn’t last. We love gifting something personal so in came the idea to create a little special gift for each kiddo. Our toys are simple in order to stimulate and encourage children’s imaginations. They are sanded and finished so they are soft to the touch. We hope when your child plays with one of our toys that they are inspired to do or become whatever they wish.

Mahogany Heart Rattle
Wine Bottle Baby Rattle

Wine Lover

Everybody knows a wine lover! The wine bottle shape and cored out center makes it interesting to grasp while the heart bead makes a lovely sound as it is shaken back and forth. The bead goes up & down and swivels all the way around to bring additional intrigue. The three contrasting wood colors adds visual interest. All of these elements combine to create a fun and modern gift to give as a keepsake.

Little Piggy Baby Rattle

Little Piggy

Everybody knows the little piggy rhyme! Our walnut little piggy rattle is the perfect gift for the family that enjoys simple wooden designs. Gift this rattle to give as a keepsake and this little piggy will be crying "wee wee wee" all the way to your home.